Showtime Episodes Video and Replay

Showtime Episodes Video and Replay, ABS CBN noontime show.
There are three groups, each made up of ten to twenty-five members (with no age limit), performing a single performance, whether it is a song and/or dance number or an acting performance. Before the performance, at least one member of the group is given 20 seconds to make an introduction in any way that reflects the group, but should end with the clause “It’s Showtime!” After the performance, the judges, as well as members of the audience, rate the group from 1 to 10. Audience ratings do not count, but can influence the ratings to be given by the judges. But during Season 2 a lucky audience aside being a scorer or a rater, he or she will be perform a sample talent (whether singing, dancing, acting among others) until the money come out on the screen (Sample Mo, Premyo Mo), depend how big or small the money amount based of his or her talent.

A fourth competition spot is randomly given to one of three groups who did not pass the auditions, but are still worthy to perform in the show. After the group’s performance, the judges would give a collective yes or no to the group. If the judges give a yes, the group is considered part of the main contest, with the judges’ scores to the group’s performance to be included in the calculation for the winner. A no would, of course, mean exclusion of the group from the main contest. This segment was removed during season 2.

The group with the highest average score from the judges wins and proceeds to the weekly finals. Whoever wins in the weekly finals will get the chance to compete in the monthly finals.

Aside from the group competition, Showtime also showcases performances from local and international celebrities in a talent portion called “Magpasikat!”, which basically translates to “Show What You Got”. “Magpasikat” was later replaced with “Kantaranta,” a segment similar to The Singing Bee. The show’s presenters would play a song and then asking random audience members to fill in the missing lyric/s. The audience members who guessed correctly would win P1000 each and move on to the Bonus Round, where they get to play for P5000. This segment was continued during season 2 until it was replaced with “Who U?” segment, a quiz portion wherein 25 random audience members will participate in the game. There will 5 stations composed of 5 members each, vying for the 20,000 pesos cash prize. This segment was continued until it was replaced with the new segment called Sample! Sample! Sample!.

“Sample! Sample! Sample!” wherein contestants got to showcase their talents to the judges and audience. Who ever wins either an individual, dual or group, where they get P20,000 based on the judges scores. if the contestant at least retaining for 5 consecutive day winnings automatically wins P100,000 cash and chance to compete in a grand finals.

Main Host

Vhong Navarro
Anne Curtis
Vice Ganda
Kim Atienza
Teddy Corpuz of Rocksteddy
Jugs Jugueta of Itchyworms
Nikki Gil (occasionally replaces Vhong Navarro or Anne Curtis when he/she is absent)

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